Live Wellness Classes by Mitushi Ajmera

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Wellness classes by Mitushi Ajmera, a wellness trainer and model. The classes  will cover Special Fitness Regime, Nutrition Plan, Children Specific Exercises and Live Interaction.

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A change in our life styles, busy schedules and excessive dependence on the digital universe, a poor diet plan, stress and distractions are now part of our lives.

The biggest sufferers are our children. At a time when they should have been in the open, giggling with their friends in sport fields, running in school corridors and enjoying their childhood, they are confined to the boundaries of their homes due to the pandemic. They are on the mercy of social media and computer geeks, many of whom are working on programmes to maximize the young generation’s digital dependence.

While talking to thousands of children, parents, teachers and experts during our 150-plus webinars, conducted by our training vertical Prizdale Ourja, it was noticed that it’s high time to focus more on the wellbeing of children. They need to follow proper exercise regimes and diet plans, deserve compassionate and caring counseling, and should get tips to reduce their digital dependence — in short ‘A Proper Plan for their Wellness’.

Sports Guru Foundation, a renowned charitable group under the leadership of Sports Guru Hemanshu Chaturvedi, a respected personality in the field of sports management, and Prizdale Learning, a vertical of Prizdale Group, have joined hands to provide “Live Wellness Classes” for children between 9 years and 19 years.

We are fortunate that famous wellness and nutrition trainer Mitushi Ajmera, has agreed to  take hour-long ‘Live Wellness Classes for Children’ on a regular basis. Ms Ajmera is a model, who has appeared in several television commercials, is a certified wellness coach. Her decade-long experience with senior corporate executives in providing a holistic training of mind, body and soul, has convinced us that she is the best choice for this task.

The second batch of Wellness Classes will commence on June 7 and be live on the CISCO WebEx virtual platform on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for 9-19 years old children. The participants will be charged a discounted rate of Rs. 750/- per month (for 6 sessions).

A major portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Sports Guru Foundation for helping Sports Coaches, Gym Trainers, Swimming Pool Life Guards and other sports personalities, who have lost their livelihood during the pandemic. Sports Guru Foundation has been helping sports personals since last one year and financial aids have been provided to hundreds of families.